It prepares us for the rest of the path 

In recovery we practice surrendering over and over again.  Sometimes it is the same issue…sometimes it’s the same subject in a different form.  To“turn it over” we must first acknowledge the part that the ego plays in our struggles.  True surrender moves beyond the control of our addiction, to surrender of our unhealthy behavior patterns. The ego fights hard to be right… to control and to judge.  Our work with the steps is to acknowledge and identify our personal challenges.  It requires trust in a higher power…a higher self…our inner wisdom. (Serenity prayer!!)  It requires doing our best with right effort and keeping the ego out of the outcome.   

Our path is progress, not perfection.  It is a practice that can result in a beautiful unveiling of the true self. 

Deborah Adele writes “As we let go of what we cannot change, we are able to grow more and more into our unique gift and contribution to life.. it is an image of strength and softness at the same time…to be strong enough to engage each moment with integrity and at the same time to live soft enough to flow with the current of life.” 

In yoga we practice sukha and sthira..softness (surrender) and strength (action)…a moving through and beyond resistance to calm the mind and create the flow of energy through the body.  We give up the egotistical illusion that we know best, and instead accept that the way life unfolds may be part of a pattern too complex to understand.  In yoga, the practice of Ishvara Pranidhana ( final Niyama in the eight fold path of yoga) is a practice of surrender to our divine within and faith in a bigger purpose.  What if we surrendered to being here now, instead of asking the question why am I here and what is my future?  Can we trust that surrendering creates space for personal power and fulfillment instead of struggling to control the outcome? 

Surrender gives us peace and serenity in the present moment, preparing us for great things as we continue on our precious journey of life. 

Practice surrendering to the moment in Recovery Yoga with meditation, breath and gentle yoga.   

See you on your mat!

Thursdays at Namaspa, 7 pm

Namaste,  Julie


This week I’ve been thinking and talking with others about the power of connection and how important it is in our recovery, so I’d like to share some of Brene Brown’s wisdom with you.

“Connection is why we're here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. The power that connection holds in our lives was confirmed when the main concern about connection emerged as the fear of disconnection; the fear that something we have done or failed to do, something about who we are or where we come from, has made us unlovable and unworthy of connection.”

My addiction created disconnection within me on every level…spiritually, emotionally and physically. I became isolated, as many of us do, and and was a seeker of disconnection from the reality of life by numbing out. I felt unloveable, ashamed, and “not good enough.” In recovery, with the spiritual journey of the 12 Steps and yoga, I was able to restore connection and hope by awakening to my heart and opening up to raw vulnerability. I prayed for courage and continually set intentions to let go of defeating beliefs so I could align with my true nature…from the words of yoga master, Baron Baptiste...the experience of connection with all of life, where everything is perfectly imperfect as it is, with nothing to fix, nothing to change and nothing needing to be different or better, is True North Alignment. “In these moments we feel open, undefended, with no need to protect. There is no urge to hold on, consume or collect. We are aligned with and flowing from our greater purpose.” It’s found within doing the work and trusting the greater good. It is living wholeheartedly.

The stuff that gets in the way of being wholehearted can be released..if we allow it. Progress happens when we're committed to the process. Connection happens when we're willing to show up in our lives and be there for others, do the work, and open up to something new. That's the beauty of a new day. A fresh start is available to all of us whether you're in recovery or not. Like Brene, I believe we are here to love and connect with each other, show support and practice kindness for ourselves.

Yoga gives me a chance to create connection to the present moment and the life force of my breath. It allows me to release the mucky, yucky, buildup I've created in my mind and softens the jagged edges of life’s challenges.

I encourage you to join us Thursday for a gentle yoga practice and meditation to deepen connection within your beautiful self!

Every Thursday evening at Namaspa, 7 pm

Much Love, Julie

Connie Holen

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