Guidelines to Life...The Yamas and The Niyamas


Truthfulness of speech, thoughts, deeds… Honesty, ownership of feelings, loving communication, assertiveness, giving constructive feedback, forgiveness, non-judging. Letting go of the masks.

As we continue on the path of discovery, we let go of the clutter in our minds and our bodies so we can get to the core...the truth...of our being. If we want transformation, we come to the realization that a lot of what we've accumulated over the years in the way of beliefs and judgements keep us from our truth. When I think about Satya in light of recovery and yoga, I think about "clearing out" to create space for something new. In doing so, truth or Satya, one of the Yamas on the Eight fold path of yoga, is revealed.

Leading a life of truthfulness is a journey. It is practice, not perfection. When our ego self rises up…up goes the mask…a “made-up” truth. Untrue words can be derived from defensiveness and the need to appear different than who we really are. There is the huge universal desire to look good at the cost of letting those around you experience your authentic self. We learn to lie at an early age to avoid punishment, disapproval, and hurting people’s feelings.

In addiction, the truth is clouded with denial and our actions are motivated by fear and illusion. We don’t want anyone to see the real us.  We struggle to appear together, when inside we are falling apart.

The steps discuss humility in such a way that we realize our ego keeps us from being present and accepting what is. With  truthfulness as our goal, we become more aware of the moments when we shade true meaning. It becomes no longer comfortable to live in the shadow of made up reality. Being “fake” clouds the heart and keeps us from truly connecting with others.

In recovery we have the opportunity to see through the clouds, open to the light (truth) and make choices from the present moment of now. We can clean the dirty windows for clarity. We can look at the naked reality and stop creating drama with our "stories"...allowing our personal power to flow.

Mantra for Satya
I  live in truth, I speak truth to myself and to others.  When offering my truth in the form of feedback, I am sensitive to the feelings of others.  I speak in the spirit of love.  I take responsibility for my actions.  I do not blame anyone for my experience.  I honestly see my own part in every situation.