Feeling anxiety? Melt Like Chocolate

“Every thought we have and action we take becomes part of the collective energy of the planet!  When we use our energy to bring light into the world, it combines with the light brought by others to dispel the darkness.“  By Madisyn Taylor.  We live in a world that is fighting for separation through violence, hate and comparison.  Although at times it seems hopeless, I believe the most powerful thing we can do to create change is to act consciously by shining our light to inspire connection with compassion and love.  

To live mindfully, here’s a “Glimpse Practice” from The Little Book of Being by Diana Winston

When we notice we are rigidly caught in our drama, we can try this glimpse practice in which we soften, pr “melt Back” just like chocolate melts when heated.

Briefly sense into your body. Do you notice any areas of tightness? Check your belly, your ribs, your hands, your face and jaw. Think about hardened chocolate that’s beginning to melt. Soften your facial muscles. Un-clench your belly.

Notice if you are caught in a particular thought. Sometimes when we’re hooked by a thought we have corresponding physical tightness. Did softening your body and melting back, just now, help to release the thought?

What happens to your mind as you melt back and release contractions? Feel into the soft, melty, quality of your body and mind.

When you’re finished, go get a piece of chocolate!

Want to satisfy chocolate cravings with no sugar?

No Bake Cookies

(based on the keto diet)


2 tablespoons real butter

2/3 cup all natural peanut butter (or your choice of nut butter)

1 cup unsweetened all natural shredded coconut

4 drops of vanilla stevia (or sweetener of your choice)

Note*  if using a granulated sweetener add it to the butter when microwaving to melt.

1 tablespoon cocoa powder (optional)


In a microwave safe dish, melt butter., add the rest of the ingredients, spoon drops onto a baking sheet and freeze for 15 minutes!