The Crown Chakra, Our Spiritual Powerhouse

The 7th chakra is our spiritual connecter and our spiritual “bank account.” The crown chakra contains the energy of kind thoughts and action through internal awareness and devotion to our divine spirit. It is the center for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It's also the center for deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with a force of life that is greater than ourselves.

Most of us have at some time in our lives suffered with a spiritual crisis. In addiction there is a loss of connection to our spirit, our heart and a higher power. We fear abandonment and losing touch with our identity. We are no longer sure of who we are and of what we want in life. We feel as if something is trying to wake up inside of us but we don't know what that is.

In recovery, practicing Step 2, “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity” fills us with the energy of the crown chakra. We are compelled to believe in a source of miracles and hope in order to heal and grow.

Symbolically, the crown chakra is a thousand petal lotus flower and embraces an attitude of gratitude for one's life. It is nurtured, grown, and submerged in muddy waters. It blooms where there is no clarity. The beauty of the lotus is unique to its environment, which appears monotonous and lacks vibrancy.

When we reach the opening of the seventh chakra, we emerge through the restrictions of the physical body, the ego, mind, and intellect. We are freed from the endless cycle of drama that plays out in our lives. We trust with faith and vision that we are worthy of a life of peace. When we open up to a bigger purpose than we can see, we stand out in our murky surroundings.

We have a sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.

When we realize that everything is interconnected and that we are part of the larger scheme of life, we begin to live with gratitude, faith and trust, rather than filled with fear and anxiety. We are guided by the higher power and we feel divinity from within and from without.

"When one or more are gathered together, miracles occur." That is the beauty of recovery and connection with others. In recovery yoga we come together in a safe and confidential space. Sometimes we just need to show up, be with the tribe and with ourselves on our mat. Nothing more.

Every Thursday, 7pm at Namaspa

Love, Julie