Slowing It Down!

 Lately, I have been feeling a sense of being pulled in many directions to the point of depletion...and right around the corner are the holidays.  Typically a time of overcommitting, overdoing, over spending and not enough sleeping! 

I'm incredibly grateful for the life I have, but I've come to the realization that I need to make the intention of taking time to slow down. So, I made myself sit down and meditate with Deepak and Oprah today!  I must say, I do feel better!  

When we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we lose our connection with ourselves.  We get out of whack, out of balance and the mind spins like crazy trying to keep it all going. Then it becomes a case of disconnection. Too much to do, too many thoughts.  When we lose connection with ourselves, we lose connection with peace in our lives and our relationships with others. Life is made of relationships with people we are connected to.  If we want to master the art of relationship we must learn to recognize when we are connecting and when we are disconnecting. To create heart-to-heart connections, we must begin by connecting to our own true self. If we're tapped out from rushing around without much rest, it becomes a challenge to show up with enthusiasm.  Resentment sets in when we feel like we are constantly obligated, even when we're the ones saying yes! How we relate to ourselves makes a huge difference in how we relate to the whole world and the people around us. 

I've heard it said in recovery, that our life is an inside job.  How often do we slow down to check in with ourselves?  If we're not diligent in taking the time for self care, we lose sight of our purpose in life. We suffer in our own recovery. Daily reflection is a practice.  If we think we don't have time for it, we need it even more. We owe it to ourselves to develop awareness of knowing when to say no without feeling guilty. Then, we have more of our lovely authentic self and the energy to say yes to the things that really matter.  

This week in Recovery Yoga we'll take time to slow down, meditate and nurture the longest relationship we'll ever have...the one with ourselves. 

Every Thursday at Namaspa, 7 pm 

Much Love,  Julie