From Worry To Trust

That the birds of worry and care

fly about your head

This you cannot change

But that they build nests in your hair

This you can prevent.

-- Chinese Proverb

How much do each of us worry each day? Worry can light on our shoulders or sink its teeth into our flesh. I’ve heard it said that 90% of what we worry about never happens. Worry can become a habit, a full-time job and our companion by taking over most of our waking and dreaming hours. It breaks down our immune system and weakens our natural ability to fight illness. It keeps us from living with gratitude for the present moment. Accepting things we cannot change frees us. With an open mind and willing heart we have the power to change our habit of worry into one of trust. We know as we make this change that our Higher Power is truly at work in our lives

t’s deep acceptance and surrender that let us experience the inevitable hardships and disappointments of life without resistance and constantly wishing that things were different. Surrendering gives us back the energy we have been wasting in resisting our lives, feeling victimized, frustrated and unhappy. In the 12 Steps we “turn it over” by understanding we can't control things outside of ourselves. In yoga we soften, relax and peel away the layers to touch the pure presence of the egoless heart we are unbreakable. With that connection we are in alignment and open to love…all things are possible and we can deal with just about anything.

A Mantra: Today let me replace my worry with trust and faith in my ability to use my resources to face whatever life brings me.