Celebrate a New Year

Imagine a life where you can just sit with yourself in acceptance!

 Little did I know, all those days, all those nights,were life itself!” Anonymous grandmother 

 This journey of life is precious and full of surprises! I am humbled by the strength and courage of those around me as I continue on the path of recovery.  I love the ceremony of starting a new year.  It gives us a chance to reflect on what we're grateful for, and invites us to cultivate new levels of awareness in how we respond to daily challenges, interact with the people in our lives, and what thoughts, desires and actions we choose. It is an opportunity, as is each and every day, to set an intention for what we would like to manifest in our livesof surrendering  in acceptance of what we can’t control and taking action to move from fear into new possibilities..   

It begins by getting clear about how you want your life to unfold. What is holding you back from living life from a place of peace and love? What can you surrender or give up? What rock can you drop to change your relationship with fear?  In our spiritual practice, whether it's prayer, meditation, yoga or connecting to nature, we have the opportunity to pause and breathe and listen.Make a commitment to embrace these simple practices. When the stuff comes up…the yucky feelings, anger, fear, resentment..a moment to moment practice of letting go…letting the stuff just move through us, instead of clinging on...uncovers inner wisdom that resides within us.  Having a connection to our deepest desires and goals will help illuminate when we are in or out of alignment with our higher self.  Every day is different.  Some days may seem easy, some may challenge us to step out of our comfort zone. The joy in recovery is when we align with our best self, we release the hypnotic pull of habits and distracted living to awaken to the underlying gem of joy within.  When we bring awareness into our thoughts, words and deeds we recognize that we have the power of choice. We wake up to the beauty that lies in everyday actions and connections. Living life with intention allows us to develop a deeper understanding of who we are, how our mind works and why we are where we are. 


Recovery Yoga

Namaspa on Thursdays, 7 pm 

 In gratitude,  Julie