Journey Through The Steps...

The 3rd Step...Taking Refuge

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him 

This step is a call to surrender and trust. It means leaving behind the part of the ego that would have us continue to live a life of disconnection based upon our own self-will. It asks us to go within, deep within, and be willing to wake up to truth, understanding that we have a part in the dance of all things. It asks us to be willing to give up the delusion of control, to awaken to our true nature and the path of light and beauty in the world.  If we can let go of delusion, we merge with the divine within us.  

When we claim our true power by leaving behind willfulness and entering into willingness, we commit ourselves to spiritual growth. 

We discover our inner wisdom to know the difference between what we can control and what we cannot. 

 We discover the joy of being and not always doing, when we make a commitment to go within and seek the support of our Higher Power. 
Guidance is found in times of quiet solitude as, little by little, we come to know and love ourselves more. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to the support of divine wisdom, we find lasting joy deep within instead of depending on outward success, other people's approval, or mood altering drugs. 
Deciding to leave our will at the door, even for a few moments, takes courage; we may fear the unknown, certain that if we really get to know ourselves, we'll discover we're unlovable. Fear of the unknown is natural, but it lessens as we mature in our spiritual life. We are meant to know and love ourselves as we're known and loved by all that is divine.

We are called to take refuge in the path of mindfulness, understanding and love.

Recovery Yoga at Namaspa and in The Yoga Loft

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