Came to Believe...

Step 2 

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity 

Step 2  embraces faith and hope.  Life can be more difficult and empty without someone or something to trust and believe in.  “Coming to believe” means setting aside our illusion of control so that other things can become possible.   We don’t have to have all the answers or information needed yet. When we begin to trust, we feel lighter…more at ease.  Our willingness to see life as purposeful…as more than just a coincidence…can be the key to lasting recovery and an appreciation of the way life seems to work.  

  In yoga practice we have the opportunity to open our eyes and hearts. 

We Go inside and surrender. We learn to focus on our inner drishti, our “in-sight”, along with humility by which we acknowledge that there is more to a situation than our own perspective. It involves asking to be part of the bigger plan. We perceive that such a plan exists, begin with a willingness to see more than we presently see. Acceptance marks that willingness. 

We can accept things as they are and as they are not…we listen without attachment, love without expectation, and give, simply to give. 

Faith and hope involves the realization that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to mental, physical and spiritual health.

Recovery Yoga at Namaspa Thursdays, 7pm